Medieval Weapons and Warfare

Fun Facts

       A knight's sword is their most important weapon. The Greatsword ranged from fifty to seventy-two inches long and weighed about six to ten pounds. The French used the term "floating stronghold" to describe ships. Generals formed troops by dividing them in the vangaurd. In most countries ships were ready for battle.
Most cannons were not very useful on the deck because sometimes they would catch on fire and they were very slow to reload.

The best long range weapon was:

The Bow and Arrow because it was accurate and could shoot up to 200 feet. Archers would defend the castle by shooting at the other army on top of the castle.
  • Daggers were used for close range stabbing, but they were not usually used in warfare mostly in training.
  • It was extremely difficult to fight while on horse-back, thus soilders mounted their horses easily with stirrups.
  • The term "Logistics" is used for for supplying goods.
An Archer shooting a Bow and Arrow