Medieval Weapons and Warfare

                             Medieval Warfare

What were the Crusades?

The Crusades were the churches attempt to get control of the Holy Land. But, the church had other intrests; to launch a crusade against Jerusalem. Even though there were many crusades, only a few of them were successful. Many led to a long conflict between the Middle East and Europe.On the other hand, the crusades did have its advantages, like the knowledge of medicine and archtitecure among others. All together, there were eight main crusades, that were actually called the first crusade, the second crusade, the third crusade, and went continued, in order from first to last, until the eighth main crusade.

How was Medieval war different from it is today?

Medieval war was very much different from how it is in our modern-day warfare. In the medieval times, instead of the guns and the other fire arms we use today, soldiers and knights used sharp, or pointed, weapons, like swords, battle axes, lances, bows, and many other weapons. Another difference compared to Medieval Times is that, in our modern day warfare, we use machines and factories to make our weapons and vehicals.This makes it easier for us to make our weapons, but knights and soldiers had a much more difficult time in the making of weapons. The weapons that were used by the knights in battle, were hand made by a blacksmith, and making a sword could take from  a few hours, to a few weeks. But aside from just the weapons being a difference between now and then, our self protection was also different. Today, for protection in war, we use camouflage to blend in with our surrondings to hide from the enemy army, and used bullet-proof vests, to protect from gun shots. But back then, the knights used iron plate or chain-mail armor.These two sets of armor had flaws that effected that knights performance in battle. For example,the plate armor was made of iron, and it covered the body head to toe, but it was very heavy and thus making the knight slower. The chain mail also had a seriouse flaw. The chain mail armor was made of iron chains that were linked together, and even though it could protect the soldier against the slash of a sword, axe, or any other slashing weapon. the chains broken apart by a stab and could kill the soldier.

What were the different types of soldiers in the Medieval Times?

Back in the Medieval Times, there was only three different kinds of soldiers, the lower-class soldiers, the knights, and the archers.As one may guess, the knights were the upper-class warriors and the lower-class soldiers were obviously the lower class warrior . Knights ussually had much more superior armor and weapons then the normal soldiers, because they were better trained. The normal soldiers usually had very little armor, and could be easily beaten and killed in battle. the lower-class soldiers did not have the oppertunity to ride on horse back,unlike the knight, who would ride horseback into battle,although not all knights rode horses into battles. Before each battle, a certain number of knights were selected to mount a horse for a battle. The archers were a very helpful part of an army. The archers would wait in a certain area, usually above ground level, and would fire at the enemy knights, often killing many soldiers.