Medieval Weapons and Warfare



Medieval swords were cutting swords for battle and some were for other things. They were mostly used by highly trained knights who fought for the king. Many different swords were used in battle such as one-handed and two-handed swords. A Sword was a deadly primary weapon. Swords had a crossgaurd which stopped the holders hand from sliding on the blade.

Bows and Arrows

Bows were a long distance lethal weapon. There were two main bows, the Long bow and Cross bow. The long bow can penetrate armor and can be a one shot kill. Cross bows could be a one shot kill too. Arrows mostly had goose feathers for a better flight.


Axes were used by foot soilders usually as a secondary weapon. The axe was rarely used as a primary weapon. The axe was a wood or metal pole with a sharp metal curved shaped object


In the 1400's there were Medieval guns. There not nearly as powerful or as easy to use as modern guns. Now in modern times there are automatic guns, but back in the 1400's the guns were reload, shoot, reload.


The main Artillery was cannons. They shot big stoneballs and they were mounted.  The cannons were used to attack and defend castles. Cannons were actually not efficent because they could start a fire.


The Flail was used as a short-mid range weapon. The Flail was a wood stick attached to a ball of spikes chain. The Flail was invented in the 1500's.